Party Planning

Elle’s first birthday is coming up on May 12th. This has been the fastest year of my life.

I was reading a blog recently about how first birthday parties aren’t just for the kids. They are celebrations for the parents and everyone else involved in making the first year a little easier. For surviving the first year and realizing that it was pretty great. I am so happy that this girl has been a part of our lives for the last year. I am amazed at how quickly the year has gone by.

It takes me about 3 months to plan a party; partially because I’m busy and I can’t just sit down and have a marathon party planning session and partially because I like to take my time researching ideas and figuring out what I like and what is reasonable. I found this blog (click image) pretty insightful. It had a lot of good tips that I will be following. I always enjoy throwing birthday parties for the kids but I am definitely not a perfectionist. We usually serve a meal and have adult beverages. I always have decorations, balloons, pictures and homemade desert. Here are some inspirations for E’s first birthday. I love Pinterest for this. I am doing a pink and gold theme since these are two of the colors from her nursery.

10-tips-planning-the-perfect-stress-free-first-birthday-partyThis is the blog I mentioned.


I’m in love with this cake for her smash cake, but I don’t think this falls into the “homemade” category for me! Maybe Publix? I’ve never had a cake made there before but I’ve heard they are good.


Love this outfit from Etsy. I have a tutu already but I might order the onesie or attempt making one. “Wild” one suits her little personality perfectly! And much to my dismay, she will not keep a headband on for 1 second! I won’t even be able to have a ridiculous party hat!

Look at how precious she is in headbands



Love this! I will attempt something like this on actual chalkboard. (This one is from Etsy)

 Here are some things I bought today. The banner is chalkboard so I can reuse it for everyone! I definitely like that!

I will post pictures of the actual event afterward. Would love some tips and feedback!

Happy Planning!


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