Peaceful swamp

Let’s face it, all activities involving kids require a lot of effort. Sometimes I have a hard time gearing up, even for the fun stuff. Packing the snacks and water bottles, restocking the diaper bag, bringing extra clothes, loading the stroller and other baby carrying devices; there is no such thing as a quick trip anywhere. When Luke suggested that we paddle the Swamp at Middleton Place on Sunday afternoon, all I could really think was, “Sure does seem like a lot of work!”

It was so worth it. It was peaceful and relaxing. I can’t believe I almost missed out on this because of the work involved.

Fleet paddled his own kayak the whole time! Not easy to do among all the cypress knees or as Lil Luke kept calling them “snipus sneeze.”
   The view from my kayak was pretty spectacular.

The best part was that out here there is no laundry to fold or dishes to clean. There was nothing to do but relax and enjoy my kids, my husband and the peace of the swamp.

I watched this video this weekend and it really inspired me. Hope it does the same for you! Happy Monday!

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