Spring Break, Spring Fever

Like all weeks, spring break had it’s highs and lows.

It started off with a bang. A rainy Easter weekend with an Easter egg hunt at a friends house. A rainy and relaxing Easter. Our parents came over for breakfast and lunch. Luke’s Dad’s family has a fun Easter tradition, an egg cracking contest. First you name all your dyed eggs- ridiculous names only. Our players included, “RonDonCon” & “Eggilicious.” Then everyone picks an egg and you tap them together until one cracks. The egg left standing at the end is the winner. Everyone had a blast with this.  
Our rainy Easter egg hunt at a friends house.

  Easter basket fun
The bunny brought this girl a bathing suit, so cute, right?! It’s Mudpie from Princess of Tides in the Belle Hall Shopping Center in Mt Pleasant. That place is going to cost me a lot of money. It has amazing fairy tale girl stuff.

  And a tutu! We liked it better on Daddy.

This was the first year that they really enjoyed Easter egg dying. It was so fun.

. . . and messy.

Naming the eggs
  Tutu made this sweet little dress for Elle.
One of the winners, Donny the Fish!

Monday was definitely the high of the week for me. I had to take Elle to the doctor for a vaccination and I had to take the boys with me. This is something I dread and avoid like the plague. I generally try not to take all three of them anywhere where they are expected to be anything other than kids. This limits us to the park, the beach and select friends houses. I was prepared with snacks, PBS kids (fantastic free app that plays PBS shows) on my phone and bribes galore. And do you know what . . . they were PERFECT. Seriously, for the first time ever in my experience as a mother, I was that mom that I envy. You know the one . . . her kids sit quietly where and when she asks them to sit, they use their manners when they speak to her, she never raises her voice, her hair isn’t crazy. It was amazing. Luke had to get a couple vaccinations as well and it turned out that Fleet had an ear infection?! The doctor said, “Is your ear bothering you buddy?” and he said no. This is not the first time one of them has been diagnosed with an ear infection without any signs. It makes me wonder how often they have them and we never know about it.

Then we headed to the beach to play with friends. The county park at Folly, which I always forget about, is a great place to go with kids. The parking is convenient and there are showers!

I decided to push my luck in the afternoon and head out to Ambrose Family Farm to pick strawberries. The boys were so excited to do this and I hoped that this might be the year that they finally got it. Last year they were so picky about which strawberries to get that they each picked about 10. And before this, at least one of them had always been in a stroller, if I took them at all. Let’s just say that strawberry picking is one of those things that sounds super fun but so far hasn’t been. I think it’s just their ages. This time, Fleet had a great time. Admittedly the strawberry picking wasn’t great yet. (Too early?) But Luke, lost it completely! It was really muddy but I was prepared for that and had them in rainboots. Luke’s foot got stuck in the mud and he got some mud on his sock and it was all down hill from here. He went berserk crying, demanding new socks and a towel, I guess he expected me to pull these things from my ear. Sometimes I forget that he is just 4 years old and is still early to the whole “reason” thing. He went back to the tire swing in the parking lot and proceeded to yell at me to come push him on the swing for the rest of the time we were there. Thank goodness we were the only ones there.

By Thursday I was starting to get sick again, boo. I had to cancel the bridge run that Iw as planning to run with my BF Katie. Saturday I did something that I haven’t done in the last 4 weeks, since I got sick the first time. I took the day off to rest. Luke had a friend over and went a little crazy taking care of all 3. And I tried not to care and I tried not to help and I tried not to feel guilty about it.

The highlight of the week for the boys was camping in the backyard Saturday night. A few of our neighbors were having a camp out so we had to have one too! The boys were ecstatic and took so many things into the tent . . . all necessary camping equipment of course. Lite Brite’s, books, crayons, you know, the necessities.

 Oh, they also got to sleep in the teepee one night and that was pretty exciting! Their Papa (Luke’s dad) made this, isn’t it cool?!

Overall, the boys had a great spring break and I had some really fantastic moments with them. They are at such fun ages right now. Of course, I enjoyed my Bits too! Now they are asking when is summer?!


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