Through the looking glass

There are just some funny things that go on when you are a parent. Here is what I found in the hallway last night.

 I still haven’t cleaned it up, its just too funny.  Luke just informed me that this is not a doggie at a computer . . . It’s an astronaut at a space station attached to heaven.

Here is what little sisters of big brother’s play with . . . forget the baby toys, this girl is interested in ninja turtle weapons and police cars.

Luke’s spring festival was this morning. After finding eggs, he wanted to show me how great he is at all the equipment on the playground. How high he can swing, how high he can climb, the “dangerous” tricks he can perform on the slides. It was all awesome.

Luke goes to Green World School. We LOVE it. Here are the beautiful gardens that the kids help plant and take care of. They also do yoga and speak Spanish. There are not words to describe watching Luke do yoga poses.

One of the many things I love about this age is how transparent they are. Of course, this means that when they are upset, they let you know. They do not hold back. But they don’t hold back on the love either. One of Luke’s little friends chased him around the playground today saying, “Luke, you are my best friend.” Goodness it was sweet. At bedtime tonight, Fleet told me that at writing workshop today at school, he used his time to write his friend Blake a note. His note said, “I know you like helicopters. I like helicopters too.” That might be the best note in the history of notes.

We had steak fajita’s for  dinner tonight. This dinner always reminds me of my brother and going out to lunch after church. That boy loved fajitas, steak and blooming onions. I always enjoyed those meals together . . . see yesterday’s post. From where I stand, it seems that my parents did a good job “embracing the essentials.” I hope we will too.

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