Garden started!

We have had a few gardens in the last 6 years. The year Fleet was born was our biggest and most productive garden. We tried over the next two years to repeat our success, but to no avail. Once Luke was born and the complications of his heart required our full attention, we just didn’t have the time to “love” the garden. And it does take a lot of lovin! This year we got our act together and are going for it again.

I would say that the most important step for us is the planning. You can’t just decide one day to have a garden, dig the bed, plant your seeds and voila. We start planning our garden in the winter, during Luke’s slow season. He built this garden box for us in February. The garden at our last house was about 6 times this size and it was just overwhelming. I really pushed hard for a smaller garden. I think this is going to be perfect, it’s very manageable, 8’x4′. Over the last month, we researched the best soil (Luke researched, he is very good in the research department), seeded our veggies and purchased all the necessary ingredients. This is a joint effort for us. I am the motivator and the seeder. Luke is the researcher, soil guy and maintainer. He figures out the best place in the yard for the garden, the place that gets the right amount of sun at the right time of day. He scours the internet for the best soil combination. In the past he has seemed to really enjoy taking care of the garden, watering, weeding, cultivating.  Lil Luke and I bought the seeds one day after school from Hyams. They have a great selection of organic seeds and local cultivars. They also have an expert on staff who can help with your tricky gardening issues, ever heard of squash bores? They will ruin a productive squash plant in no time and are a real devil to deal with.

What’s in the garden? Well, Lil Luke requested radishes. He has never had them and I am pretty sure he won’t like them. I think they have planted radishes at his school and it has really stuck with him. I was happy to oblige in the hopes that it makes the garden more interesting and who knows, maybe he will like them. Fleet requested cherry tomatoes, he will eat them like candy, just ask his Baba (my dad). We also planted squash, regular tomatoes and romaine.

Luke says that our garden is “soiless.” This means that it doesn’t really have any traditional dirt or soil in it. It is made up of what you see here – compost (Bee’s Ferry Landfill has organic compost for $3/bag.), vermiculite (available at Hyams) and peat moss. I did sew the seeds in regular old fashioned soil . . . so it’s not completely soiless, don’t tell Luke! I will let you know how it goes! The squash should fruit within a month. 

I got to have lunch with these two today. We went to CURE on James Island.  I had the shrimp salad wrap with a side salad and housemade honey champagne vinaigrette . . . it was awesome. Luke had a burger and said it was tasty. CURE was more formal than I was expecting. It reminded me of a lodge, with bourbon decorating the bar wall, a fireplace in the corner, lots of dark wood and cool light fixtures. It would be a good date night spot and the entire menu looked good. We will definitely be going back.
   Her first lemon . . . amazingly, she kept going back for more!

 This is the only time the three of them are together and happy. They complain about having to take a bath and then always have a great time. Elle starts crawling toward the bathroom whenever she hears the water running!

Here is the pic of Fleet’s haircut that I promised. It was the best I could get!



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