Regular old Tuesday

Tuesday is now a regular work from home day for me. Luke and I decided to change my schedule to delay putting Elle in childcare. I am working a few less hours per week and I do a little work from home. It’s a sacrifice for us, both financially and of our time but it’s important to us. Plus we have a lot of help from our moms that really make it possible, without one of us having to sacrifice our careers. The older my kids get, the more grateful I am for my work. I truly love my job.

Today I worked about 2 hours during Elle’s nap time. I listened to a couple of retail related podcasts. There were very cool and interesting. I felt smarter just for listening. Now, what am I going to do with that knowledge? There are podcasts for just about anything. Find them on iTunes and android related apps.

I spent about an hour rotating the boys clothes. I brought out the summer clothes from last year that will work again this year. Mixed with the few things I have bought this year, I think I only need a few pair of shorts for Fleet. Poor Luke will probably never get new clothes, just hand me downs. Then I pulled out all the winter clothes and separated them into clothes that can be worn again next year and clothes to be consigned/given away. This is always a lot of work at the change of the seasons. It’s worth it to me because I like to get their clothes dialed in and not have to worry about it for the rest of the season.

Elle and I went to Target where I dreamed about buying half the store, seriously, I love that place. I ended up with a couple of barstools, an outfit (for myself: guilty), Easter basket goodies and a few groceries.

The boys got haircuts this afternoon and they look so handsome. I don’t love going for haircuts because they are a little crazy at the barber shop and now I have Elle to contend with. I only work up the nerve about 3-4 times per year. I trim them myself in between cuts . . . you could probably have guessed that I’m involved if you have EVER seen them.

Here is Luke’s new look . . . will post Fleet’s later, his is the most dramatic but he’s already in bed. I love seeing their precious little faces better. I highly recommend Cindi at Oskars in South Windemere. It’s an old school barber shop that we have been going to since our first cuts. We’ve had a couple of cuts that haven’t been great but I would give them an 8.5 out of 10 and from what I hear about children’s haircut’s, this is pretty good. Cindi is great with kids.

When we got home, we went for a walk/skate/bike ride. Then baths, dinner and bedtime. We had a taco ring for dinner. I got this idea from Justin who used to work at The Backpacker, his mom used to make them. They are easy and a definite crowd pleaser at my house. This pic is from the web, but it’s the same idea. I like to serve it with sourcream, guacamole, tomatoes/salsa. Click on the image for recipe details.


I love having fresh flowers in the house. Here is my latest favorite . . . loquats from my neighbor’s yard. Thanks Speedy and Glenda! They are fresh, simple and native. I swear, I would buy this if I couldn’t just cut if from the yard.

Happy Tuesday!

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