10 months old

Today Elizabeth is 10 months old. I think this has been the fastest ten months in my life. I know that I will forget most of it but here is what 10 month old Elle is up to.

She is very busy. If you lay on the ground, you become her jungle gym. She will crawl all over you like a total maniac. She seemingly never tires of this activity. She loves to feed herself . . . the bigger the food the better. She’s pickier than the boys were. When she’s full, she throws her food across the room or starts dropping it on the floor to the dog or “da” as she calls her. Yes, she regularly calls Dakota “da” but still doesn’t really use mama and dada, even though she can make these sounds. She is starting to understand so much. When you ask her a question, she looks at you like she is really trying to understand. She loves to play rough and will giggle like crazy if you toss her around and nibble all over her. She’s very spoiled. Whenever she fusses, one of the four other people who live with her, bring her a toy or otherwise go satisfy her. She doesn’t really snuggle anymore, she’s just too busy. She’s starting to get stranger danger and cries when someone she doesn’t know get too close or tries to hold her. She really just prefers mommy, though daddy runs a very close second. She loves her brothers and smiles when they pay her attention. They are so crazy about her which couldn’t make this mama any happier. The love they have for her seems deep and genuine. She has just started to “swim” crawl all over the house. Operation “no lego left behind” has officially begun. When she’s happy, she pat pat pats, see video. It will melt your heart if she pats for you. She sleeps a good 11 hours a night and takes two naps totaling about 3 hours every day. She’s a doll baby and we absolutely adore her.

  Oh my goodness, those lips!

  She’s already learning how to back off the couch, rather than just going head first!

5 teeth, 2 top, 3 bottom.

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