Second hand happy

I am a big second hand shopper when it comes to children’s clothes. I don’t care so much about fashion, just cuteness. Kids grow so fast that unless they are extremely messy (like my Lukers), they outgrow them before they ruin them.

In Charleston we have several big consignment expo’s. Charleston Repeats and The Kids Exchange of Greater Charleston are two of the biggest ones. These events are where you can get the most bang for your buck. I have friends who have made upward of $300 at these sales. They come around twice a year, spring and fall. I have consigned a couple times at Kindershop on James Island at Fort Johnson Baptist Church and made anywhere from $50-$200, but it’s a lot of work . . . all that tagging!

I keep a large tupperware in Elle’s room that I fill with their clothes as they outgrow them. About once a season, I take my things to Once Upon A Child. They look through your stuff and let you know what they want to buy, usually within about 30 minutes. I have sold anywhere from $15-$55. I like that it’s fast and the only requirement is that the clothes are clean (no tagging!).

Here is my most recent second hand foray : I sold $53.00 and purchased $88 but only spent $22 (12mos clothing was 40% off). Here is all that I got . . . I also filled a 20% off card, so next time, everything will be 20% off WOOHOO. I think Once Upon a Child pays about $1.00 per item, so if you are really wanting to make some money, the twice yearly expo’s are the better way to go.

 7 outfits for Elle, 4 pair of gym shorts for the boys and “new” cleats for Fleet because soccer starts on Wednesday!

If you are interested in second hand shopping and selling, I highly recommend checking out your local Facebook swap groups. James Island Mom Swap and Charleston Mom Swap Drama Free are two of my favorites. I have also had success with selling nicer, name brand items on Ebay.


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