My poor little kids . . . they are introverts, just like their parents. Sometimes I pick them up from school and I can tell they are exhausted from the effort of keeping it together for 6-8 hours. Other introverts know what I am talking about. Trying to fit in, to keep up, to find like minded friends, to work on the schedule of the whole. It’s tiring.

3016031-inline-how-to-careI have always liked this little blurb about introverts.

After school today Fleet had a total breakdown when his lego castle fell apart. I am talking rolling around on the floor, real tears, screaming. This went on for several minutes and I did my best to calm him, starting with loving, understanding mom and ending with “I just can’t take it anymore mom” (I’m not proud of this mom but sometimes I feel like I can’t control her). Ten minutes later, he was sitting in a chair in the kitchen, whimpering when he told me that the kids at school are making fun of him and calling him a booby guard. I think he meant body guard but I didn’t correct him. I guess that on the playground he is guarding other kids from getting tagged and so they are calling him a booby guard. I actually think this sounds pretty brave and admirable of him.

This afternoon was a reminder of what I want our home to be like for our kids . . . a place where they can be themselves, the good, the bad, the ugly, the funny, the embarrassing, the occassionally magical. A place where they are loved NO MATTER WHAT. Where they can relax and be themselves even when we (the parents) don’t really like the way they are acting. We all need a place where we can be wonderful or awful and people who will love us both ways.

So here’s to the my favorite people in the world . . . even when they are at their worst!

It’s Dr Seuss Week at school and today was Green day. He should definitely win the prize for cutest guy in green!

This is Luke’s version of “I’m watching you”


Look at that snotty nosed Bits. Even with that yucky face, I want to eat her up.


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