Moving the Joneses

The kids and I went to Columbia this weekend to help the Joneses move back into their house. After major flooding in October, they have been living in a rental for the past 5 months. They aren’t complainers, but you know, it’s been a rotten time. Saturday was an exciting day.  Their house looks amazing. I am going to post a pic of the kitchen because it’s a DREAM. Their entire downstairs has been redone and it’s just beautiful.

 It’s gorgeous, right?

The kids and I (me + 6 kids!) met my cousin Hannah with her four boys at the park. I loved catching up with all of them. As I watch all those cousins run around, I couldn’t help but remember and be grateful for all the great cousin time I had with Hannah as a kid.

That night at bedtime, I asked the boys, “What was your favorite part of the day?” They both proceeded to list everything we did that day!  The least favorite part of the day was when “Bryant drank from my water bottle . . . wait, maybe that was his water bottle.” So, if this was the worst Fleet could come up with, I am calling the day a success. This mama was TIRED.

We spent the night with Papa (Luke’s Dad) and Natalie. They made us spaghetti from scratch for dinner and a yummy breakfast. It was very relaxing and easy, as things always are around them. Elle enjoyed her serenade. You could say that this girl has the music in  her.

Here’s what went on when we got home Sunday afternoon.


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